Lynn's Counselling Service, specialist in grief, loss and bereavement

You can contact me by:

text or voicemail 07565 299 332, or 



and I will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours

Lynn Temple  BA (Hons), MBAPC

In addition to specialising in grief, loss and bereavement, I can also offer support with other parts of life that you may be finding overwhelming and difficult to cope with right now.

I work with adults over the age of 18 who reside in the United Kingdom and the way I can support you is through online video or telephone counselling.  This is an experience that many of my clients have found to be uniquely valuable and meaningful for them and of course offering support in this way means you can access my service from an environment with which you are familiar and in which you feel safe and comfortable, wherever you are located within the United Kingdom.  

Working online and by phone also enables me to maintain affordable rates and avoids my having to charge for missed sessions.

If you would like to have a chat about what you are looking for by way of support and how I might be able to help, please contact me through text, voicemail or email and we can arrange a mutually convenient time for me to call you.  This initial consultation is free and enables us to decide if we would like to work together in a way that supports your needs. 

How can I help You?

Sometimes life doesn't go according to plan, unexpected things happen which may impact us in ways we never expected, leaving us feeling isolated, bewildered and sometimes very confused.  

It is my belief that how you experience life is unique to you and you are the only one who knows what that feels like and, as a person-centred counsellor, I respect that and my commitment is to work with you:

In a partnership of mutual respect

To focus on what you feel is important

To support you with however you are experiencing life right now

To explore together sensitively, empathically and non-judgementally, how your experience feels and what it means to you, in a way that tries to understand what it is to be you. 

There are no rules when you feel you are struggling with life, there is no right or wrong way to be and sometimes we need support with that, and that is what I can offer.  


About my sessions

I work with adults over 18 years of age who reside in the United KIngdom who contact me direct, or through referral to my practice.

As a rough guide, I recommend at least six sessions.  However, we will take it on a session-by-session basis and it is for you to decide what you need and what feels best for you.  You will also be free to end therapy whenever the time feels right for you.

I am aware that in the current difficult financial climate, therapy may be viewed by some as an unaffordable luxury and it is because I offer support online or via the phone that I am able to continue offering sessions at what I feel is an accessible and affordable rate of £40. I also offer a reduced rate for students of £35.  Each session lasts one hour.  

Cancellation Policy

I understand that sometimes life gets in the way and it isn’t always possible for you to let me know in advance if you wish to cancel a session.  If that happens there is no penalty and I do not charge for missed sessions.  

About me

I have a BA(Hons) in Person-Centred Counselling and am a certified counsellor in online and telephone counselling, I am also a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP).  However, qualifications are only part of what I can bring to you as a person-centred counsellor and to our counselling sessions.

For the past five years, I have worked as a bereavement volunteer with a leading, national charity.  However, it was personal experience of debilitating and prolonged grief that drew me to specialise in grief, loss and bereavement and make the move into private practice.   

How to book

Please text or leave a voicemail on 07565 299 332 or email, letting me know the best time for me to contact you. My aim is to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.


Our initial telephone consultation is free and gives us an opportunity to decide if we want to work together.  Before any booked sessions take place, I will provide you with details of how we have agreed to work together, along with my privacy policy and terms of confidentiality.  All of this is to give you the opportunity to decide if counselling is for you and at no time will you be under any obligation to proceed.  

You may also contact me through the BACP Directory.

Thoughts of grief and loss

Grief can be felt in many ways and is not only experienced through the death of someone with whom we share a deep or personal connection.

Loss of any kind can feel like a gathering storm of emotions and we might feel that putting on a brave face and being strong will keep that storm at bay but unfortunately that doesn’t always work out and although I can’t reassure you that everything will be okay, I can be at your side in that storm as we work together to explore what your sense of grief or loss means to you 

Loss of any kind can be life changing and each of us is unique in how we cope with, respond to, and manage that loss. 

Loss isn't always related to a death.  It can be the experience of a child leaving home, or the ending of a long-term relationship.  It might be having to leave a home which holds memories, or as a deep sense of sadness for what might have been. 

Loss can create a whole range of emotions and leave us in a such a state that we feel raw inside and unable to face life.

Holding a sense of loss touches so many lives and this was especially so during the Covid pandemic.  There may be those of you who tried to carry on as normal and yet the impact of that time is something that continues to stay with you.  Some of you may have experienced unimaginable trauma which feels impossible to resolve and that life will never feel quite the same again.  

If your experience of life has left you feeling alone, lonely, exposed or perhaps vulnerable and you feel that talking to me might help, please contact me:

Text or leave a voicemail: 07565 299 332  

or email me at

and I will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.